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The Fen Management Handbook

Fens are magical places where nature and centuries of human activity combine to produce a rich and ever-changing habitat. The United Kingdom supports a wide variety of different fen types, ranging from tiny fragments to extensive mosaics of wetland habitats at a landscape scale. Once highly valued for their products, their use within social and agricultural systems declined with the advent of intensive agriculture, drainage and mechanisation. Many remaining fens were abandoned and became dominated by unpalatable vegetation or invaded by scrub and trees.

Why have a handbook?

The Handbook highlights practical techniques but also provides the background science that underpins the different fen management techniques. The handbook is aimed at anyone involved in fen management, creation or restoration from a practical, policy or planning perspective.


Single Report  PDF document (10.8MB)

1. Introduction and basic principles  PDF document

2. Fen flora and fauna  PDF document

3. Understanding fen hydrology  PDF document

4. Understanding fen nutrients  PDF document

5. Fen management and restoration  PDF document

6. Fen vegetation management  PDF document

7. Fen water management  PDF document

8. Managing fen nutrient enrichment  PDF document

9. Creating fen habitat  PDF document

10. Monitoring to inform fen management  PDF document

11. Fens and people  PDF document

12. Fens from an economic perspective  PDF document

Appendices  PDF document

Index  PDF document


We are interested to know:

  • what you think of the Fen Management Handbook
  • any improvements we could make. 
  • case studies of your experiences of fen management

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