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Need help with bats in your house?

If you have a problem with bats in your house please phone the Bats in Houses Helpline on 01463 725165. This helpline is operated during office hours between 09:00 am and 5:00 pm (Mon-Fri).

Alternatively, you can try the Bat Conservation Trust National Bat Helpline external site on 0345 1300 228

Bats in houses

Sometimes bats can cause problems in houses and other buildings, see Problems with bats in your property?  PDF document  Scottish Natural Heritage employs trained and experienced bat workers who can provide practical advice on how to deal with these problems. In recognition of the special set of circumstances associated with domestic situations, Scottish Natural Heritage policy is that roost visits will only be undertaken by our bat workers in cases involving enquiries from householders, whether they rent, own or occupy the property and live in it full time, at no charge to the householder.

If you are experiencing difficulties with, or have concerns about bats in your property please contact the Bats in Houses Helpline 01463 725165 or email for advice. If the issues cannot be resolved by telephone or other correspondence, we will ask one of our bat workers to visit you, investigate the bat-related issues and discuss the possible solutions with you. If you plan to do anything that may affect bats in your property, this may require a licence and you should contact SNH for advice about this.

Bats in non-domestic properties

In commercial premises, public buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals and other buildings not classed as domestic dwellings, we can provide advice, but we will not send out a bat worker to undertake a roost visit. In these cases a specialist bat consultant should be employed to advise further as necessary. Some of these are listed in the CIEEM Register of Consultants. external site

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