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SNH's Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

The role of the SAC is to provide scientific advice and expertise to the SNH Board and staff. The Committee has up to seven members, meets formally twice each year, and reports annually to the Board. In addition, a larger SAC Expert Panel contributes to the quality assurance of SNH's research and advisory work. The remit of the SAC is to:

Advise: provide necessary advice to the Board and, as appropriate, to staff on scientific and technical matters; contribute to SNH's research and advisory work in the context of the Corporate Plan; and advise on novel and contentious work.

Quality assure work: review the quality, timeliness and relevance of SNH internal and commissioned research; contribute to quality assurance of reports and reviews; and, in consultation with the Director of Policy and Advice, when appropriate report its findings to the Board and staff.

Review: to review the scientific basis for the notification of an SSSI, and any consents, when requested to do so by the Protected Areas Committee including all cases in which SNH is obliged to consider representations made by interested parties, and to advise the SNH Board as appropriate.

Other contributions: contribute ideas and wider advice on the work of SNH; and specialist knowledge to in-depth investigations of particular topics as required by the SNH Board or staff.


The Terms of Reference  PDF document  for the Scientific Advisory Committee were revised and confirmed by the Scottish Natural Heritage Board members in May 2016.