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Funding our work

Scottish Natural Heritage is funded by the Scottish Government through its Grant-in-Aid (GiA). This funding is set by the Scottish Government's Spending Review which establishes the budget for each sector of government over a three year period.  The level of funding is reviewed in line with changing priorities.

Annually, we receive notification of our Grant-in-Aid through a formal letter from our Sponsor Team in Scottish Government. This Grant-in-Aid Letter confirms the actual amount of funding that we will receive for the year ahead and lays out what work the organisation is expected to achieve with the funding provided.

As well as receiving funding through Grant-in-Aid, we also receive some income from activities such as the provision of accommodation on Rum and publication sales.

Budget Allocation and Monitoring (Grant in Aid) letter 2016-17  PDF document


Budget Allocation and Monitoring (Grant-in-aid) letter for 2014-15  PDF document

GiA letter for 2013/14  PDF document

GiA letter for 2012/13  PDF document

GiA letter for 2011/12  PDF document

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