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Planning our work

Corporate Plan

SNH's Corporate Plan presents our four portfolios and the focus of our activities over the period 2015-18 in the context of our Corporate Strategy. It also presents our contribution towards Scottish Government's Purpose and the Programme for Government. Our outcome measures are linked to the National Performance Framework. We allocate our resources and monitor performance through the activities in each portfolio, and deliver our work through a suite of projects and services.

The Plan also details the challenges and opportunities that we need to address so that we are well positioned to respond to any changes in resources and priorities from Government over the Plan period.

Under the Environmental Assessment (Scotland) Act 2005, we undertook an SEA screening  PDF document   of the Corporate Plan which confirmed that the Plan has no significant environmental impact. Alongside this, in response to our duties under the UK Equalities Act 2010, we also undertook an Equality Impact Assessment  PDF document   on the Plan

Workforce Plan

SNH's Workforce Plan 2015  PDF document sets out SNH's approach to workforce planning together with priority actions. The Workforce Plan forms part of our business planning, supporting delivery of the Corporate Plan 2015-18 by ensuring we use our existing capacity to best effect, and that we develop our staff resources to respond rapidly and positively to new work areas and changing priorities. We also undertook an Equality Impact Assessment  PDF document on the Plan.

Business Plan

Our Business Plan 2016/17  PDF document  is an operational document that details the first year of delivery against our Corporate Plan 2015-2018.

Our portfolios for the Business Plan 2016/17 are:

  • Caring for the Natural World
  • Enriching People's Lives
  • Promoting Sustainable Economic Growth
  • Delivering a High Quality Public Service

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