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What to see and where in South Highland

Our area covers some of the most beautiful parts of Scotland and is home to iconic and spectacular wildlife.

Golden Eagles external site breed throughout the area, and White-Tailed Eagles external site   are re-colonising their former haunts. The area has some fantastic woodlands - from the Pinewoods of the Cairngorms external site to the Atlantic Oakwoods external site fringing the west coast.

The hidden depths of the west coast sea lochs hold some natural treasures such as Flame Shells and Sea Pens external site and Whales external site   and Dolphins external site   can be seen on the west and east coasts.

Scotland's highest mountains are found here, and they have their own unique suite of plants and animals.

The big three.....

We have 13 National Nature Reserves in our area, which are great places for a visit, but the big three stand out from the crowd.

With a cluster of mountain peaks, ancient pinewoods external site , dazzling dragonflies external site   and soaring golden eagles, Beinn Eighe external site   AND Loch Maree Islands external site   NNR is a natural jewel of Wester Ross. Take advantage of the mountain external site   and woodland external site   trail network here and be amazed by the diversity of wildlife around you. We run a visitor centre external site which is open from Easter to September.

Islands are always special places and you don't get much more special than Rum NNR external site . Its rugged mountains set a dramatic stage for spectacular wildlife and archaeology. A fascinating seabird - the Manx Shearwater external site   - breeds in burrows on the mountains and Rum is home to a quarter of its world population.

Creag Meagaidh NNR external site is an exposed whaleback ridge cut by ice carved gullies. Restoring the native broad-leaved woodland on the lower slopes is a big part of our management here, and one of the species which has made a big recovery is the Black Grouse external site .

Explore for a Day.......

There's a great range of leaflets available which helps you to explore the area.

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