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People, nature & climate change

Scottish Natural Heritage is acting now to improve our understanding of the links between climate change, people and nature. This knowledge will enable us to guide others to plan, innovatively manage and use our nature and landscapes in a way that helps Scotland's people and its nature prosper in a changing climate.

We are privileged to live in a beautiful country, with rich and diverse nature and landscapes that form an integral part of our history and culture. We are part of this complex natural system and wield the single greatest influence over it. But with power comes responsibility.

In the face of increasingly early springs, rising sea levels, flooding and changing river patterns, many of our native plants, animals and ecosystems are unable to adapt to the historically unprecedented pace of human-induced climate change. And because people don't live independently of nature, climate change endangers not only individual species and our distinctive landscapes, but also our lifestyles, our economy and our culture.

The scientific evidence is unequivocal. We must act now, decisively and together. The challenge of achieving this is considerable, but so are the rewards if we get it right. We require urgent, coordinated action from all sectors, all across Scotland to respond effectively to climate change.

The information on our website is designed to help you find out more about how climate change might impact on Scotland's nature and landscapes, and how you can work with them to mount an effective response.

Farmland in Strathmore. ©Lorne Gill/SNH. For information on reproduction rights contact the Scottish Natural Heritage Image Library on Tel. 01738 444177 or

Our relationship with nature and climate

We have shaped our nature and landscapes, and they in turn have shaped, fed and inspired us.

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