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Greening and sustainability in our own work

We view climate change one of the biggest challenges for Scotland's nature, our lifestyles, economy and culture. However, action now - like our work to make Scottish Natural Heritage a greener organisation - can help to slow climate change and its impacts on people and nature, so helping us respond to the changes that will occur.

Why is greening important to SNH?

Leading by example

We are working with others to mitigate and manage the impacts of climate change on land and in the sea , safeguarding nature, enjoyment of the outdoors, etc. - and in our own ways of working.

We now have a Low Carbon Vision  PDF document  (revised and approved in February 2014) of what SNH might look like as a low Carbon organisation, to help us shape the changes we need to make to get there.   We want all Strategies, Policies, Procedures etc that we develop to take us towards a low Carbon future. It is also about finding the Carbon benefits of changes that we have less control over and making 'pro-Carbon' ways of working the SNH ways of working.  We believe our staff, customers and partners will expect no less from us.

What are we doing?

We are cutting our greenhouse gas emissions - these are mostly from our offices and travel - by:

  • Building greener offices.
  • Co-locating with other public bodies.
  • Replacing and managing heating systems better.
  • Using video conferencing for meetings (instead of travelling). 
  • Using the train instead of driving.
  • Buying sustainable goods and services.
  • Annual Carbon budgets ("allocations") for every Unit Manager. 
  • Using our Carbon Management Plan to plan and manage priority emissions reductions from properties and work travel.

Our corporate office, Great Glen House in Inverness and other new offices, such as Golspie are designed to have very low carbon dioxide emissions and energy use.

We are committed to cutting out 80% of our COemissions by  2050 - that's 4% a year, every year. So far, we're on target.

We are using less energy and using it in a smarter way  - saving money, energy, and waste.

We are also considering the impacts of climate change, such as extreme weather events, on how we plan and manage our offices, visitor facilities and staff travel plans.

More information

What's next?

We work with the Scottish Government and other public bodies to raise standards in environmental performance. The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 and Climate Change Delivery Plan are very important in how we define our delivery of efficient and shared public services - carbon savings are often financial savings.

Find out what we are doing now by contacting:

Ivana Curuvija | Greening Officer

Scottish Natural Heritage | Strathallan House | Castle Business Park | Stirling | FK9 4TZ

DD: 01786 435358   

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