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Scotland's National Peatland Plan

Working for our future

Scotland's National Peatland Plan  PDF document  - working for our future. 

Scottish Natural Heritage, working with Scottish Government and a range of stakeholders has published a National Peatland Plan to highlight the importance of Scotland's peatlands. We draw attention to the poor state of large areas, and propose building on existing initiatives to secure their sustainable use, management and restoration.

We also set out some proposals for research and awareness-raising. To achieve these objectives we need the help and support of all those with an interest in ensuring that our peatland is managed as a national asset which benefits society as a whole.

A National Peatland Group has been established to promote the Plan and to support its implementation, which is being chaired by Scottish Natural Heritage. The Group is being supported by a Research & Monitoring Group to ensure a sound basis for the management and restoration activities proposed and that these inform future work.

In addition to these formal groups, all those with an interest in our peatlands are welcome and indeed encouraged to engage in activities which help deliver the objectives of the Plan.  If you wish to offer support or have ideas on how to bring the plan to life, please contact us at


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