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What you can do

Go Greener Together

5 ways to reduce your energy usage:

  • Choose to walk or cycle instead
  • Eat greener, avoid food waste
  • Reduce Reuse Recycle
  • Have a free Home Energy Check external site
  • Turn off lights and appliances and unplug items at the wall

To get more hints and tips visit the new Greener Scotland website - Lets Go Greener Together external site . You can create your very own personalised Green Plan external site .

Peat-free gardening

There are very good reasons NOT to use to peat in your garden. It is not only better for the environment but peat-free composts  are getting better all the time, and are more widely available than they ever used to be.

Peat is extracted from peatlands - one of the World's most important carbon stores. When they are drained and harvested the carbon is released back into the atmosphere where it contributes to global warming.

More than 20% of Scotland is covered in peatland - storing around 1.6 billion tonnes of carbon. When in good condition they take up CO2  thus helping to offset climate change.

In Scotland we have been restoring peatlands with Peatland ACTION .

Volunteer with the Bog Squad!

The Bog Squad external site are teams of volunteers that restore lowland raised bogs on sites from Ayr to Fife. They are organised by Butterfly Conservation Scotland and funded through the Peatland ACTION project.

Every month they run volunteer parties. To find out more, visit their blog external site .

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