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Peatland Action

Restoring Scotland's peatlands

As lead advisor to the Scottish Government on peatland restoration Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) was allocated a further £5 million from the Green Stimulus Package external site   for spend in 2014/15. This is in addition to the £1.7 million received in 2012. SNH has made excellent progress in delivery of the project - recently re-named 'Peatland Action' - which aims to:

  • restore and manage peatlands to maintain carbon stores and encourage carbon sequestration (with 2500 ha peatland restoration by March 2015);
  • restore peatland ecosystem functions;
  • enhance ecosystem resilience to climate change; and
  • build peatland restoration capacity and understanding amongst land managers, contractors, advisors and the public.

Why are healthy peatlands important?

The carbon stored in Scotland's soils (notably peat and peaty soil) is equivalent to over 180 years of greenhouse gas emissions from Scotland at current emission rates.

Restoring peat-forming habitat which has been drained or damaged helps ensure that they remain as long-term sinks rather than sources of greenhouse gases.

Scottish Natural Heritage is administering Peatland Action project funding with the aim of storing and sequestering carbon through the restoration of peatland. The project contributes to the objectives of Scotland's National Peatland Plan, currently under development led by Scottish Natural Heritage with a wide group of stakeholders.

How to apply

Given the extent of Scotland's peatlands (~2m ha) and the relatively poor condition of much of the resource, it is important that this funding is targeted at areas where it can make a significant difference in the timescales and budgets involved.

The next deadline for new applications is 11 June 2014

Applicants are advised to read the eligibility criteria before completing an application form  Word document .

Please submit completed application forms electronically to the project mailbox:


If you have any potential projects you would like to discuss with the project team, please get in touch through the project email in the first instance.

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