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Welcome to Scotland's Big 5

Scotland's Big 5

Big5 vote results

Over 12,000 votes have been recorded online following our campaign to seek Scotland's favourite wild animal.

With almost 40% of the vote, the golden eagle was well ahead of its counterparts, followed by the red squirrel (20%), otter, red deer and with the harbour seal in last place.

The vote sparked wide interest and discussion and invited everyone to vote and choose their favourite as well as submitting wildlife photographs and stories of their greatest wildlife experiences via social media channels.

Our winner

Big5 vote winner

Find out about our High Flyer and let us know if you've been lucky enough to see one. It can see you a mile away. When you see one you'll never forget.

We are spoilt for choice in Scotland so there were many alternative favourites nominated such as seabirds, game animals, trees and plants and support for rarer animals like the pine marten and wildcat. Wonderful wildlife found in magical places.

Click below to view our fantastic footage of Scotland's Big 5.  A selection can be found by clicking the Playlist button on top/left of screen below.

About us

Scotland's Big 5 campaign ran from Spring until the end of October 2013 and was run jointly by Scottish Natural Heritage and VisitScotland external site  as part of their Year of Natural Scotland celebrations.

Scotland's Big 5 were originally selected to encourage the general public to discover some fabulous places and wonderful wildlife. Our Big 5 are widely associated with Scotland, hugely popular and there are many good opportunities to see them.

The Big 5 were championed through local and national campaigns, including outdoor, radio, online and press activity as well as showcasing at popular public events across the country.

Who we worked with

Scotland's Big 5 campaign is run in partnership with private, public and charity organisations led by Scottish Government, VisitScotland, EventScotland and Scottish Natural Heritage.

In 2013 we are promoting Year of Natural Scotland so that everyone can enjoy and admire Scotland's stunning natural beauty, our beautiful landscapes, wildlife and heritage.

The campaign has already many partners involved and there are many opportunities to work together: - Scottish Wildlife Trust - RSPB - Forestry Commission Scotland - National Trust for Scotland - Cairngorms National Park - Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park - Scottish Seabird Centre - Royal Zoological Society, Edinburgh Zoo & the Highland Wildlife Park - Wild Scotland - Historic Scotland - Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh - Royal Highland & Agricultural Society of Scotland - John Muir Trust - Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust