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Downloads and resources

Simple pleasures list of free resources

Free resources! Help your family or group get the outdoors feel good factor. All of the Simple pleasures resources  PDF document are listed on this single sheet, there's lots to choose from, so why not see what's available.

Use this toolkit to to make some Simple pleasures, easily found leaflets, posters and more. 

Before you start, please read the Toolkit instructions  PDF document

Make your own leaflets, posters and more

Edit the templates below and personalize your prints. Make up a journey and some things to see for your local park or favourite walk.

General leaflet with park  PDF document   (six panels opens up to A4 size)

General leaflet with water  PDF document   (six panels opens up to A4 size)

Poster  PDF document  (can be used to make A1, A2, A3 or A4 size posters)

Press advert  PDF document (100mm x 266mm size)

Bookmark/insert   PDF document  (210mm x 99mm size)

Pop-up banner  PDF document (2400mm x 800mm size including 100mm for cassette)

Tell us sheets

These are really useful to brainstorm 'simple pleasures' - what do you enjoy doing in the outdoors? Walking in the woods, building a snowman, cycling along the canal bank? They could be used with a group before or after going for a walk, or both! Did you see any change in what was recorded if you tried both the before and after recordings? 

Tell Us Sheet (Places) A4 size  PDF document
Tell Us Sheet (Places) A3 size  PDF document
Tell Us Sheet (Places) A2 size  PDF document
Tell Us Sheet (Places) A1 size  PDF document

Tell Us Sheet (Seasons) A4 size  PDF document
Tell Us Sheet (Seasons) A3 size  PDF document
Tell Us Sheet (Seasons) A2 size  PDF document
Tell Us Sheet (Seasons) A1 size  PDF document

Bag dangle books

These little activity books were designed to inspire at least 52 visits to the outdoors. That's at least once a week for a whole year. Each activity should be different every time you try it depending on where you are and what the weather's doing.

Why not try working them into your weekly routine. Could you do a detour to the park on your way to the shops, to work, or on the school run?

There are 3 different downloads, but we're sure you can make up your own pages and activities too.

1. Orange and green pages  PDF document  - try these more scientific, thought provoking activities.

2. Purple pages  PDF document   - these are simple and fun activities for any age.

3. Take time out with nature challenge  PDF document - these are mostly the orange and green pages as above, but also include a handy tick off calendar chart to keep a record of your progress throughout the year.

Wall planner calendars

Put these on your wall or fridge to help keep you inspired and motivated. Use them to plan your outdoor visits and record your favourite simple pleasures and nature spotted throughout the seasons.

Spring - April, May, June  PDF document

Summer - July, August, September  PDF document

Autumn - October, November, December  PDF document

Winter - January, February, March  PDF document  

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