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Top tips

Keep healthy and happy

Get the feel-good factor by enjoying the outdoors.

The great thing about living in Scotland is that there are parks, canals and woodlands right on your doorstep.  Unwind and breathe some fresh air into your life by exploring your local paths and places.  Your local green place is perfect for enjoying the outdoors and keeping you happy and healthy.

Take some time out to enjoy life's simple pleasures and post how you enjoy the outdoors on Scottish Natural Heritage Facebook page.

The outdoors is a great place to have fun, take time out with family and friends and look after your health.  There are many green exercise opportunities for you to choose from.  Have a look at the links listed on this page and find out more about places across Scotland that are great for enjoying the outdoors.

How to find local activities:

Health Walks groups external site

Green gym - environmental conservation work external site

Branching out - greenspace for mental health external site

Therapeutic gardening projects external site

Countryside Ranger Services external site

Getting into the outdoors needn't be a big adventure with lots of planning or serious equipment. We want to inspire you with simple, doable, achievable and desirable activities. We've got some suggestions for you - Get into the outdoors:  PDF document   Things to do & enjoy with friends or family members, Things to collect, Taking time out and relaxing or Getting active and Going exploring.

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