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Volunteering is a great way to help improve Scotland's outdoors, learn new skills and inspire others. Whether you're interested in improving places for nature, gaining valuable work experience or are looking for an alternative to working out in the gym, there is a great variety of organisations that offer opportunities for volunteering in the outdoors. 

So why not try something new and make a difference for Scotland's environment.

Research on Volunteering in the Natural Heritage, published by SNH in 2006, shows that over 23,000 people in Scotland are already involved in environmental volunteering. In 2009 6% of adults in Scotland reported that they had volunteered on a biodiversity related project in the last 12 months. We are working to increase the number of people involved in volunteering and the number of volunteering opportunities that are available For example, we:

  • provide grant to the The Conservation Volunteers external site , which in 2008/09 involved over 8,000 volunteers, including almost 4,000 new volunteers. Many projects involve young people and excluded or disadvantaged groups, and almost 1000 people gained nationally recognised awards for achievement through volunteering with TCV
  • support the Volunteering Matters Action Earth  campaign to enable more communities in Scotland to carry out environmental projects
  • provide grant to bodies like RSPB Scotland and the National Trust for Scotland to help them provide more volunteering opportunities
  • work with the Forum for Environmental Volunteering Activity external site to co-ordinate action and share good practice across the sector, including developing the Volunteer Managers Development Project
  • offer volunteering opportunities at National Nature Reserves.

We published a policy statement on environmental volunteering in 2008, and will continue to work with a range of partners to develop a vibrant culture of environmental volunteering in Scotland.

Volunteering with SNH

Find out about volunteering opportunities with SNH.

Volunteer Scotland

To find volunteer opportunities near you search for conservation / gardening opportunities on the Volunteering Scotland external site website or contact your local Volunteer Centre.

Other organisations offering environmental volunteering

Details of some of the other organisations  PDF document   which offer environmental volunteering in Scotland.

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