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Long distance routes

We carried out research which audited the longer distance routes resource in Scotland in 2010. Using this information and feedback from those with an interest in LDRs, we outlined proposals for developing a strategic approach to longer distance routes in Scotland  PDF document  in 2011. 

We run a LDR managers' forum to share good practice and experience amongst those managing such routes. We also set up and ran a LDR Project Board from 2010 to 2013 to oversee work to establish, promote and strengthen a branded network of longer distance routes.  Further development of LDRs is now being undertaken as part of the National Walking & Cycling Network  project.

LDR managers forum

Previous LDR forum meetings

LDR Project Board

LDR project board - 24 April 2013

LDR project board meeting - 7 November 2012

 LDR project board meeting - 15 February 2012

LDR project board meeting - 22 November 2011

LDR project board - earlier meetings

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