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Managing access and recreation

All management for access and recreation should be guided by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. If you want to attract visitors to features on your land or expand the recreation provision you already have, advice can be obtained from the following sources. Your local or National Parks authority access officer external site  will also be able to offer help and advice.

Informal camping in the countryside can create opportunities and challenges for the land or recreation manager. This advice  PDF document  clarifies each party's roles and responsibilities within the legal position.

Planning recreation

The following publication can help you plan for recreation users:

Using signs

Using signs can be an easy way to tell people about:

  • land management operations
  • path changes
  • where to go
  • responsible behaviour
  • natural hazards

Advice on wording, siting signs and working with visitors are contained in the publication Signage Guidance For Farmers and Other Land Managers  PDF document   and you can use our templates for land management signs

Signage Guidance for Outdoor Access external site  offers comprehensive advice on what to say, where to say it and how to create signs including designs, installation tips and detailed specifications for construction.

If you manage deer stalking you can give walkers advanced warning of your plans and advise them of alternative routes on your land by using the Heading for the Scottish Hills web page external site .

Managing access and recreation for freshwater

Riparian access and recreation management should also be guided by the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. You can find further information in Using Inland Water Responsibly: Guidance for All Water Users external site .

Managing coastal and marine access and recreation

Combining different recreational uses of coastal areas can involve careful planning and management especially where motorised and non-motorised recreational interests share the resource. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code external site  provides guidance on coastal access management.

The Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code external site   gives advice on how best to watch wildlife at sea or on the coast responsibly in the marine environment.

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