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Grants and funding for land managers

We recognise the important role of farmers, crofters and other land owners in looking after the wider countryside and also designated sites including SSSIs and Natura sites.    

The Scottish Rural Development Programme  (SRDP) is the main source of funding for land management, including the management of SSSIs and Natura sites

Several new schemes have been launched by Scottish Government under the new 2014-20 SRDP  including the Agri-Environment-Climate Scheme (AECS ) and the Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS ). Please see SRDP page for more information.


 The previous SRDP (2007-13) contained the RDC Rural Priorities scheme which supported environmental, community and business improvement projects.  The Land Managers' Options Scheme  (LMO) also offered funding for land managers under the SRDP.  

SRDP schemes have largely replaced SNH's Natural Care Programme and SNH's management agreements programme as the main funding source for SSSIs and Natura sites. However SNH can still offer management agreements in cases requiring specialised management which cannot be supported through SRDP. 

Scottish Natural Heritage can also offer grants for a wide range of urban and rural projects that deliver outcomes linked to our Corporate Strategy. Consult our Grants Programme and other sources of funding page for more information. 

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