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Rural Development Contracts - Rural Priorities  (2007-14)

The Rural Priorities scheme external site was part of the 2007-13 SRDP.  Rural Priorities is being replaced by several  new schemes in 2015 under the 2014-20 SRDP external site .   These include the Agri-environment-climate Scheme (AECS ) and the Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS ) which are due to open for application in March 2015.

Extensions to existing Rural Priorities contracts

Scottish Government offered 1 year extensions for all Rural Priorities agri-environment contracts which ended in December 2013, including contracts on SSSIs or Natura sites.   Some contracts may receive further extensions.

Rural Development Contracts - Land Managers' Options

The Land Managers' Options external site   (LMO) scheme started in March 2008,  replacing the Land Management Contracts Menu Scheme.    LMO offered a more limited range of measures than Rural Priorities.    LMO is closed to new applications from 2014.