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Rural Development Contracts - Rural Priorities  (2007-14)

The Rural Priorities scheme formed part of the Scotland Rural Development Programme 2007-13  (SRDP).

Rural Priorities is being replaced by several  new schemes in 2015 under the 2014-20 SRDP external site

These include the Agri-environment-climate Scheme (AECS ) and the Forestry Grant Scheme (FGS ) which are due to open for application in March 2015.

These schemes offer a similar range of management measures to those in Rural Priorities external site .    Scottish Government is running roadshow events on the new schemes in early 2015.

Extensions to existing Rural Priorities contracts

Scottish Government offered 1 year extensions for all Rural Priorities agri-environment contracts which ended in December 2013, including contracts on SSSIs or Natura sites.   Some contracts may receive further extensions.

More information on Rural Priorities

Since 2008, the Rural Priorities scheme has offered land managers a share of almost £800 million to help deliver environmental, social and economic benefits to rural Scotland. More information can be found on the Scottish Government website external site .

Rural Development Contracts - Land Managers' Options

The Land Managers' Options external site   (LMO) scheme started in March 2008,  replacing the Land Management Contracts Menu Scheme.    LMO offered a more limited range of measures than Rural Priorities.    LMO is closed to new applications from 2014. 

Information on SSSIs and Natura sites

You can find information on the SNH SiteLink external site   website. The 'Map Search' button allows searches by post code or farm code to find the sites in your area; the map scale can be changed using the bar at the bottom of the screen.