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Funding for Deer Management Group Plans

The sustainable management of red deer in the open range, requires a collaborative approach. For this reason voluntary Deer Management Groups have been formed across most of the red deer range. Effective management of the deer across a Group area requires positive, proactive engagement by all Group members.

Following recommendations arising from the Rural Affairs, Climate Change and Environment Committee Enquiry in 2013, all DMGs, working under the voluntary principle, are expected to develop effective and environmentally responsible management plans by the end of 2016.

Deer management currently delivers, and potentially could contribute further to, a range of benefits to the people of Scotland. These benefits are also referred to as the "Public Interest" and SNH has identified 14 areas of Public Interest derived from the Deer Code.

In order to support DMG's to deliver on the public interest objectives detailed above The Scottish Government have made available £200,000 for part funding of deer management plans for upland DMG's.

This funding will only be available once the DMG and SNH local Wildlife Management Officer have completed an initial DMG Self Assessment and completed the attached application forms and returned them to SNH.

Final payment will be available at a rate of 50% (to a maximum of £12,500) on submission of a DMP which delivers on the public interests identified in the initial assessment.

Note - the date by which DMGs must claim funds for a plan that has been formally agreed by the DMG has been extended to 30 June 2016. This applies to applications received after 1 October 2015 only.


Public Interest Objectives for DMG's  PDF document  

Requirements for Deer Management Plans  PDF document

Deer Management Plan Application Form  Word document   

DMG Assessments - analysis and results

The attached paper below outlines the results of the initial DMG assessment process in 2014. This provided baseline information on how DMG's were functioning in late 2014.

2014 DMG Assessments  PDF document

The Association of Deer Management Groups which is working together with Scottish Natural Heritage on Deer Management Planning have provided some background and context to the assessment process.

Association of Deer Management Groups- Background  external site   

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