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Scotland's Wild Deer: A National Approach (WDNA)

For our deer, land & people

Scotland's Wild Deer: A National Approach (WDNA)  PDF document   is an approach to the sustainable management of wild deer. Developed by  private bodies, membership organisations, partnerships, government agencies and others it guides actions on the ground and informs strategic thinking.

WDNA is being Reviewed

Within WDNA there is a commitment to review it every 5 years. The 2014 Review is focusing on:

  • Setting clear deer management priorities for 2015 - 2020;
  • Highlighting what has been achieved in the first 5 years;
  • Incorporating significant legislative, strategic and policy developments since 2008, including an explanation of the relationship between WDNA and the Deer Code;
  • Setting out the challenges for deer management planning and Deer Management Groups;
  • Promoting the WDNA Action Plan as the mechanism to co-ordinate effort across the deer sector;
  • Emphasising that WDNA seeks to achieve the best combination of benefits for the environment, the economy and people;
  • Recognising that healthy ecosystems deliver social, economic and environmental benefits;
  • Understanding that where these benefits come into conflict government advice, support and intervention will focus on healthy ecosystems.

The current draft version of the 2014 Reviewed WDNA  PDF document is being considered by the Deer Management Round Table (DMRT) which is made up of the main stakeholder bodies who have an interest in Scotland's deer. If you have any comments on this draft please email

Principles of Scotland's Wild Deer: A National Approach

  • Provide a Scottish framework to guide local decision-making and improve delivery of deer management
  • Develop inclusive and representative decision-making processes
  • Maximise the value of wild deer to contribute to the local and national economy
  • Manage deer as an integral and essential part of biodiversity
  • Encourage more people to participate in and enjoy activities which involve wild deer in Scotland

Key Publications related to 2014 Review

Further Information

For further information and historic documents please contact:

Jessica Findlay or Sue Dymond

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