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Scotland's Wild Deer: A National Approach (WDNA) reviewed 2014

For our deer, land and people

The reviewed Scotland's Wild Deer: A National Approach  PDF document (WDNA) has been published. This is the first 5 year review of the original WDNA, launched in 2008. A wide range of organisations have contributed to its development and it is this collaboration between government and non-government which will be the key to the delivery of WDNA. 

What is WDNA?

The WDNA vision is to:

'Manage wild deer to achieve the best combination of benefits for the economy, environment, people and communities for now and for future generations'

The reviewed WDNA builds on the 2008 version. It includes a set of priorities and challenges for 2015-2020. These recognise the significant contribution which deer can make to Scotland along with the negative impacts they can have on the environment, agriculture and forestry.

The main priorities are based around:

  • Collaboration & effective deer management planning and implementation;
  • Healthy ecosystems;
  • Lowland & urban deer;
  • Economic & community development;
  • Training and deer welfare.

How will WDNA be delivered and who will deliver it?

The 2016 WDNA Action Plan  PDF document sets out a broad range of activities which will contribute to the delivery of the WDNA priorities. The Plan shows the breadth and depth of actions happening across the land and deer management sectors.

Principles of Scotland's Wild Deer: A National Approach

  • Provide a Scottish framework to guide local decision-making and improve delivery of deer management
  • Develop inclusive and representative decision-making processes
  • Maximise the value of wild deer to contribute to the local and national economy
  • Manage deer as an integral and essential part of biodiversity
  • Encourage more people to participate in and enjoy activities which involve wild deer in Scotland

Key publications related to 2014 review

Further information

For further information and historic documents please contact:

Jessica Findlay or Sue Dymond

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