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Scotland's Wild Deer: A National Approach (WDNA)

For our deer, land & people

Scotland's Wild Deer: A National Approach (WDNA)  PDF document   is an approach to the sustainable management of wild deer. Developed by  private bodies, membership organisations, partnerships, government agencies and others it guides actions on the ground and informs strategic thinking.

2014 Review

WDNA will be reviewed every 5 years, with the first one happening in 2014. The Review will draw on opinions and expertise from a wide range of organisations involved in deer management. A new revised WDNA will be published later in the year. This will be sharper and more action based and will reflect the many changes that have happened since 2008.

Why is it called an approach?

Underpinning WDNA is the need for people to work together to deliver sustainable deer management. This approach to deer management is integral to achieve sustainable deer management.

How is the new approach being delivered?

We are delivering the WDNA through a series of action plans. The purpose of each plan is to co-ordinate activity across the deer sector showing the breadth and depth of activities contributing to the vision. The plans recognise the formal and informal partnerships delivering actions on the ground, as well as the individual leads on certain actions.

Principles of Scotland's Wild Deer: A National Approach

  • Provide a Scottish framework to guide local decision-making and improve delivery of deer management
  • Develop inclusive and representative decision-making processes
  • Maximise the value of wild deer to contribute to the local and national economy
  • Manage deer as an integral and essential part of biodiversity
  • Encourage more people to participate in and enjoy activities which involve wild deer in Scotland

Latest updates

We are currently delivering the fifth Action Plan  PDF document .  This details the actions in 2013 - 14 to be delivered by 19 organisations. Key highlights are:

  • Publication of New Wild Deer Best Practice Guides  - A Wild Deer Best Practice Guide on welfare principles will be published. A report on applying welfare principles in practice will also be published.  There will also be new guides on socio/economic damage and Habitat Impact Assessments.
  • Building Capacity in Deer Management Groups (DMGs) -  Building capacity events will continue to be delivered in 2013/14. These will continue to articulate the roles of DMGs. Running capacity building events helps DMGs develop their skills, knowledge and potential. Refining these skills is an important component in the delivery of the Deer Code.
  • Year of Natural Scotland: The 'Roaring Monarch'  - 2013 is the Year of Natural Scotland. One of the campaigns being run is the 'Big 5' which includes 'The Roaring Monarch' (Red Deer). This will lead to a Scotland wide promotion of red deer.  Events and opportunities to see red deer will include 'The Rum Rut' and 'Meet the Locals - on Rum'. Other events will be advertised through the Visit Scotland website and will include Landrover safaris to see red deer.

Scotland's Wild Deer: A National Approach - Publications

Further Information

For further information please contact:

Jessica Findlay or Sue Dymond

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