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Topics and current activities

Topics that SNH is heavily involved in and can offer detailed interviews about:

Wildlife crime

Through carelessness, because wildlife gets in the way of economics, or where wildlife crime is used to make money (possibly to fund other activities); also licensing, legislation etc relating to wildlife.

Media contact  -  Fergus Macneill,  01463 725021


Scotland's five-year Species Action Framework, squirrels, raptors (including eagles, sparrowhawks, hen harrier etc), beavers, capercaillie (including predation by pine marten), invasive alien species, hedgehog predation on birds, mink eradication, species reintroductions.

Media contact  -  SNH Media Office,  01463 725022

Climate change

What it may mean for species, biodiversity, landscape and how we manage them in future. How SNH is reducing its carbon footprint.

Media contact  -  Fergus Macneill,  01463 725021

Renewable energy

Hydro, tidal, wave and wind, on and offshore development, benefits versus impacts.

Media contact  -  Calum Macfarlane,  01463 725020


General marine policy issues, marine science, Scottish Marine Act, renewables, inshore fisheries, regulation orders, research, protected species, seals (conservation, policy control, research), alien species, climate change in Scotland's waters, oil and gas exploration impacts.

Media contact  -  Nancy Fraser,  0141 951 0809


Coastal erosion, sea level rise, climate change, habitat, seabirds.

Media contact  -  Fergus Macneill,  01463 725021


e.g. river systems, salmon, alien species, including crayfish and Gyrodactylus.

Media contact  -  Nancy Fraser,  0141 951 0809

Countryside recreation and access

Enjoying the outdoors, Scottish Outdoor Access Code, good/bad practice, campaigns, protected areas, national parks, communities and greenspace, countryside ranger services.

Media contact  -  Nancy Fraser,  0141 951 0809  

Scottish Rural Development Programme

How it can be used to bring about benefits for Scotland's nature and people, including those managing the land.

Media contact  -  SNH Media Office,  01463 725022

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