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New Community Action Grant scheme launched - 04-MAY-2012 : Press Release Details


New Community Action Grant scheme launched


Community groups across Scotland, who are running projects to do with managing and enjoying nature, can now apply for a new Community Action Grant.

Launched by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH), the new scheme is for grants of between 1k and 20k for short term projects of 12 months or less. The grants are focused on getting more people and communities involved in outdoor recreation, volunteering and outdoor learning.

They are also targeted at action to improve, protect and manage habitats, species and landscapes. Projects that help record valuable information about local species and natural habitats can also benefit.

Andrew Bachell, director of operations at SNH, said they expect to make the first awards in early June. He added:

"The natural environment is Scotland's most valuable asset . We need to look after nature as it can improve our health and quality of life, our enjoyment and even our economic prosperity.

"We're very keen to help community groups get more involved in nature and the outdoors, either through volunteering or educational projects, or projects that help manage natural habitats and species. That's what our Community Action Grants are all about.

"We're expecting a lot of interest in this scheme and we're looking forward to helping many community projects get off the ground."

The Community Action Grant application system is now open and Community groups can apply, and access grant information and advice, on SNH's website ( ).

SNH will start considering applications from 8 May and will make a decision within 20 working days of receiving applications. The scheme will be competitive as funds are limited.


Scottish Natural Heritage is the government's adviser on all aspects of nature and landscape across Scotland. Our role is to help everyone understand, value and enjoy Scotland's nature now and in the future. For more information, see or follow us on Twitter at

For further information:

Calum Macfarlane, SNH Communications, 01463 725020

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Author: Calum Macfarlane
Contact: SNH Press Office