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Scotland's birdlife has been famous for centuries and is internationally important.  This is reflected in the range of species and sites that are protected.

Birds can be disturbed and displaced by development activity and development can sometimes result in the permanent loss of bird habitat. As a result, the breeding success of birds, and ultimately their numbers and distribution, can be adversely affected. Most birds are protected from such disturbance by the law.

Identifying how birds are using a site is key to working out how to avoid adverse impacts. In some cases, it will be possible to enhance bird habitat as part of the development but occasionally you may need to look at other locations.

How we can help

You can find out a lot more about Scotland's birdlife by checking out our section on birds. The RSPB external site  is another source of good information on birds and how you can help with bird conservation.

We have developed guidance to help planners and developers take proper account of the possible impacts of different types of development on birds. This guidance includes:

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