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Scotland's nature and landscapes underpin Scotland's economy and attractiveness as a place to live and do business, and planners and developers have a big role in helping to protect and enhance this asset.

Crucially, the decisions we make about developments, such as windfarms, houses and roads, and how we respond to climate change, continue to alter our landscapes and the way we experience them. This change can be positive, if it is well planned and well informed.

Scotland's landscapes

Scotland's landscapes are varied and unsurpassed. Each part of Scotland has a distinctive character and a series of landscape character assessments have been completed for all parts of Scotland. 

Find the landscape character assessment relevant to your area.

Scotland's landscapes are one of the country's greatest assets.  Our finest landscapes have been designated as:

It is essential that we look after our landscapes and ensure the distinctiveness of each part of Scotland is not lost.  Our landscape, planning and development page provides a wide range of guidance and advice on how to achieve this.

Planning authorities have a key role to play and there are various ways in which they can help protect and enhance landscapes in their areas.

Looking after landscapes

Developers have a key role to play in identifying and addressing impacts on landscapes as they develop their proposals and by demonstrating good practice in terms of integrating new development into the landscape. A range of tools and techniques are available to guide this work.

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