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Rivers, lochs and flooding

Sensitive lochs and rivers

Some of Scotland's rivers and lochs are particularly sensitive to impacts arising from new development. In some areas, the nutrient balance of lochs can be threatened by discharges from septic tanks. Rivers supporting populations of Freshwater Pearl Mussel, Salmon and Lampreys are sensitive to increases in sediment load that can arise from the construction of new developments.

Scottish Natural Heritage has worked with our partners to provide advice to planners and developers to help them properly consider the interests of some of our most important rivers and lochs. Click on the related links for information on Loch Leven, the River Tay and River South Esk.

Catchment management and flooding

New development can have significant implications for the good management of river catchments. Planning Authorities must take the probability of flooding into account when preparing development plans and determining planning applications. Prospective developers should account for the risk of flooding before committing themselves to a site or project.

The Scottish Environmental Protection Agency external site leads on water quality issues and provides advice to local authorities on flood risk for planning purposes, and advice on flood prevention. Their website contains further information on Catchment Management Plans, Sustainable Urban Drainage Schemes, River Basin Planning and flood risk.

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