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Valuing our environment

The natural environment is one of Scotland's greatest assets, making a major contribution to economic growth and quality of life.

Scotland's Natural Capital Asset Index (NCAI) tracks change in our habitats' ability to deliver benefits to people, both now and into the future. The latest version was released in April 2017. Further information can be found by clicking on the following:

In 2016, the NCAI was included as a measure for the National Indicator 'Increasing our natural capital' in the National Performance Framework external site .

Take a look at our film that demonstrates how nature and landscapes attract businesses and individuals to live and work in Scotland.

Valuing our environment

Our report on Valuing our Environment  PDF document shows that 11% of Scotland's total economic output depends on sustainable use of the environment.  This is worth £17.2 billion a year, and supports 1 in 7 of all full time jobs.  The full research report the Economic Impact of Scotland's Natural Environment underpins the key information in 'Valuing our Environment'.

If we are to continue to reap economic rewards from the natural environment, it is important to look after it as an investment for the future.  

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