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Planning and renewable energy guidance

The planning and onshore renewables web pages contain an extensive suite of guidance, documents outlining our approach, and associated information, inlcuding links to external sources.

In a bid to simplify the search for a particular document, we have brought the various pieces together to access via this page. The pdf here is a comprehensive list of our guidance and 'approach' documents, as well as useful external information  PDF document   (updated March 2017). These should be read in the wider context of which the theme of the document relates.

We have also produced a 'Good Construction' presentation.  PDF document   This presentation outlines the role that SNH has on advising during the planning process, the importance of protecting the natural heritage during construction, and the effective reinstatement and restoration of sites.

We still recommend visiting the planning and renewables pages for further information and interest, including contacts  and renewable trends .  

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