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Guidance for developers

If you're considering a renewable energy development, this section provides you with a quick guide of some of the key issues.

Our role

Our role is to act as the Government's advisor on all aspects of nature and landscape across Scotland.

In some cases, such as with a development in a protected area, we have to be consulted. We provide advice on renewable energy developments to the relevant consenting authority, which is either the local planning authority or the Scottish Government.  We also liaise with industry sectors, non-government organisations, other environment interest groups, and members of the public on our advice regarding renewables developments. We can offer advice on the impacts of specific development proposal, but our input is generally limited to strategic advice on site selection, the scope of assessment required and commenting on the planning application.

We have recently produced a guidance note on how to consider large scale solar PV proposals  PDF document .

We cannot help developers design their scheme or design relevant habitat management  PDF document   or mitigation.

Key considerations

The key considerations that you may need to look at are:

  • Do I need planning permission external site ?
  • Do I need to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment?
  • Does my proposed development fit with the relevant Local Plan?
  • Should I be consulting SNH directly about my development?
  • What is SNH policy on my particular proposed development?
  • Is my proposed development likely to impact on the natural heritage?
  • What legislation should I take in to account?
  • Is there SNH Guidance which is relevant to my proposed development?
  • Which other organisations should I be contacting?
  • What other information does SNH hold that can aid the process of development?

Contact us

A good starting point for addressing the considerations listed above is to contact the relevant Scottish Natural Heritage Area Office.

To discuss our approach to your technology and relevant guidance use our contacts page to find the best person.

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