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Better places for people and nature

Government policy aims to create attractive and well-designed sustainable places where people want to live and work, which promote better health and enable the transition to a low-carbon economy. This statement (Better Places for People and Nature) outlines the contribution of the natural heritage to achieving these social, economic and environmental outcomes. It also identifies the role of Scottish Natural Heritage in enhancing this contribution through its engagement in the policy and practice of place-making. The statement applies to both urban and rural settlements, and to both new and existing settlements.

The quality of the natural heritage in and around settlements has an important contribution to make to place-making and sustainability. In particular the nature and landscapes around where we live and work can enhance our quality of life, underpin individual health and wellbeing, contribute to our sense of place and identity, and support a strong economy. High quality natural environments are therefore vital in making better places.

Place-making is the product of the interaction between people and the planning, management and use of the built and natural environment around them. Improving the natural heritage in settlements to benefit both people and nature requires a collaborative approach involving communities and a range of other organisations in the public and private sector.

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