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Beaver Salmonid Working Group

The Beaver Salmonid Working Group (BSWG) was established in 2009 as a sub-group to the National Species Reintroduction Forum, to consider the potential impacts of beaver activity on salmonids (Atlantic salmon and brown trout).

The BSWG was chaired by Professor Roger Wheater and comprised representatives from: Association of Salmon Fishery Boards*, Marine Scotland*, National Museums of Scotland*, Scottish Government*, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, SNH*, Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board and the University of Southampton. (*original full members of the BSWG at its inception)

The work of the BSWG

The BSWG was tasked with considering the following:

  • To arrange for further, continuing review of new beaver-salmonid information from Eurasia and North America
  • To examine the availability of potential beaver habitats that overlaps some Scottish salmonid catchments
  • To examine the issue of beaver presence on particular Scottish catchments and whole ecosystems, in relation to possible interactions with salmonid populations
  • To examine the specific issue of possible beaver dam presence on Scottish rivers in relation to possible interactions with salmonid populations
  • To examine potential management issues, methods and options in relation to beavers and salmonids
  • To examine options for field-based assessments of beaver and salmonid interactions in Scotland

To take this forward, the BSWG looked at literature and experience from Scotland and abroad, and considered the extent to which this is examined and can be applied directly to the particular fish fauna, river characteristics and current fisheries management context in Scotland.

The final report

The final report  PDF document   of the BSWG was published in January 2015.

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