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Scottish Beaver Trial monitoring reports

The final reports

You can take a look at all the final monitoring reports below. These have been released in three batches: the first batch of reports was published on 20th November 2014 external site  the second batch on 18th February 2015 external site   and the final batch on 12th June 2015 external site . We've also produced some posters which summarise the work.

SNH Commissioned Reports have been produced for the following:

Other Independent Monitoring Partners have produced these reports:

  • Brann, M. (2014).  PDF document  The Scottish Beaver Trial, Knapdale, Argyll: 2009-2014. Impact on scheduled monuments. Historic Scotland Report, Edinburgh.
  • Goodman, G. (2014).  PDF document  The Scottish Beaver Trial: Veterinary monitoring of the Knapdale beaver population 2009-2014. Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies Report, University of Edinburgh.
  • Mackie, P. (2014).  PDF document  The Scottish Beaver Trial: Independent public health monitoring 2009-2014. Report and recommendations. Argyll and Bute Council Report.
  • Scottish Environment Protection Agency (2015).  PDF document  Scottish Beaver Trial - SEPA Factual Report on Water Chemistry Sampling. Scottish Environment Protection Agency Report.

SNH also produced a short report summarising the results of 'Site Condition Monitoring' projects carried out at Knapdale during the Scottish Beaver Trial:

  • Phillips, S. (2015).  PDF document Site Condition Monitoring report for designated sites within the Scottish Beaver Trial area. Scottish Natural Heritage, Lochgilphead.

Wider public health assessment

After the work of the public health monitoring was concluded at Knapdale, a further and wider examination of the public health risk associated with beavers in Scotland was organised by the Centre of Expertise on Animal Disease Outbreaks (EPIC). Their final report, which includes related assessments by Health Protection Scotland, Scottish Parasite Diagnostic Reference Laboratory and Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland, is available here:

The interim reports

Although we now have final reports covering the full trial monitoring period (listed above), some interim reports were also published which recorded progress during the trial. They are provided here for completeness, although we recommend that you read these in combination with the final reports so that you get the whole picture.

2015 publications

2014 publications

2013 publications

2012 publications

2011 publications

2010 publications

Historic Scotland also published a report:

  • Cavers, G. (2009).  PDF document Loch Coille-Bharr crannog condition survey. Report produced by AOC Archaeology Group on behalf of Historic Scotland.


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