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Talking about our place

Helping your community to care for your local landscape

Every place in Scotland is special or unique in someway, and your local place is no exception.

From the peace and quiet of your local park to the view of a historic building, the landscape that contributes to your place will have a unique identity which is what makes it home.  However it is sometimes easy to take for granted what you value about your surroundings, and perhaps feel that the changes that are happening there are beyond your influence.

Talking About Our PlaceToolkit

The Talking About Our Place toolkit will help you think about some of the issues your place may be facing, and encourage you to get involved. It will help you: explore what makes your place special recognise what benefits your place provides for you identify what issues affect your place or may affect it in the future help you use this understanding to shape the decisions made about how your place should be cared for in the future. This process can be useful in helping your community develop projects and bid for funding from organisations like Heritage Lottery Fund and the Climate Challenge Fund as well as provide evidence for consideration in decisions to be made about your area. Starting the process with a good idea of what you want to achieve is important. But be aware that this is only the start - and 'Talking About Our Place' may take you to places you never expected!

Talking About Our Place provides the guidance, resources and ideas to help you think about and discuss your landscape.  It is broken down in to a number of easy to follow sections over the next few pages but can be downloaded in its entirety as well.

Tell us what you think!

We are interested in how you get on with this toolkit and how you use it to shape your place.

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