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Scottish Natural Heritage's landscape policy

In 2002 we published an overview of Scotland's landscapes - the National Landscape Assessment  PDF document   as part of our Natural Heritage Futures work.

To promote public debate about the future of our landscapes, in 2003 we produced the Scotland's Future Landscapes discussion paper. This informed our Landscape Policy Framework which sets out our overarching aim for landscape as follows:

"To safeguard and enhance the distinct identity, the diverse character and the special qualities of Scotland's landscapes as a whole, so as to ensure tomorrow's landscapes contribute positively to people's environment and are at least as attractive and valued as they are today. For the range of Scotland's landscapes identified in the Natural Heritage Futures programme this means working to ensure:

  • Attractive and distinctive settlements with high quality greenspace, that reflect regional design and materials, fit their wider setting, and positively contribute to people's quality of life.

  • Farmed and crofted landscapes of diverse character, with the significant contribution of designed landscapes to the lowland scene recognised and safeguarded.

  • An enhanced contribution of forest and woodland to many landscapes. Distinctive landscapes of upland, hills and moors, recognised for their openness and quality of wildness.

  • Fine scenery and diverse character of the seascapes and landscapes of our developed, undeveloped and isolated coasts."


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