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SNH's remit and responsibilities

SNH's landscape remit is set out in its founding legislation, the Natural Heritage (Scotland) Act 1991  external site which states that our aims are to:

 "secure the conservation and enhancement of, and to foster understanding and facilitate the enjoyment of, the natural heritage of Scotland."

The Act defines the natural heritage as:

 "the flora and fauna of Scotland, its geological and physiographic features, its natural beauty and amenity."

We use the word 'landscape' as a descriptive and analytical interpretation of 'natural beauty and amenity' for our work. Definitions of 'landscape' and other commonly used landscape terms can be found in the landscape glossary.  We work with a range of stakeholders to influence policy and practice across all major sectors of activity that may effect landscape character, qualities and values.  Our role is set out in more detail in SNH's Landscape Policy Framework.

We work with other agencies, including the Forestry Commission Scotland external site in delivering the Scottish Forestry Strategy.  The role of SNH in relation to the historic landscape is set out in a concordat  PDF document  with Historic Scotland.  This concordat will be replaced in due course with a new statement with Historic Environment Scotland.  SNH is no longer a statutory consultee on planning applications affecting Gardens and Designed Landscapes (GDLs), though we continue to have an interest in the contribution that they make to the wider landscape character.  All other casework such as forestry grant schemes and aquaculture applications, that raises specific GDL interest, is dealt with in the same way.

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