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Scottish Landscape Forum

Between June 2006 and February 2009 a group of organisations interested in caring for Scotland's landscape came together to form the Scottish Landscape Forum.  The Forum met to discuss and agree the threats facing Scottish landscapes, the value of landscape to Scotland's culture and economy, and priorities for action.

Initially the Forum was asked by Scottish Ministers to focus on the implications of the UK's recent signing of the European Landscape Convention, and on considering the landscape content of new planning policy guidance, presenting this advice in their report, Scotland's living landscapes - places for people  PDF document .

This argued that renewed action is needed for Scotland's landscapes, and outlined the action it saw necessary to achieve this, summarised in a short leaflet  PDF document .

Although the Forum was initially established for only 9 months, it continued to meet up until late 2008.  By then its agreed work was largely complete, with its two projects to produce a Landscape Charter and the PlaceBook Scotland external site  website in hand.  In the absence of new tasks to provide it with a focus it was agreed to bring the Forum to a close, although its report, Scotland's Living Landscapes, remains a fitting legacy of its work.

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