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Priority Marine Features in Scotland's seas

Scottish Natural Heritage and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee external site have been working together, with Marine Scotland external site , to develop a priority list of marine habitats and species in Scotland's seas, known as Priority Marine Features (PMFs). The list will help deliver Marine Scotland's vision for marine nature conservation outlined in the Marine Nature Conservation Strategy external site .

The Cabinet Secretary made an announcement on the adoption of the PMF list  PDF document  on 24th July 2014.

The list contains 81 habitats and species considered to be of conservation importance in Scotland's seas. It includes many features which are characteristic of the Scottish marine environment, ranging from flame shell beds in coastal waters, to cold-water coral reefs of the deeper seas, and mobile species such as minke whale and basking shark.

The list will be used to help focus future conservation action and marine planning, direct research and education and promote a consistent approach to marine nature conservation advice.

To produce the list, species and habitats on existing conservation schedules were assessed against criteria that considered whether a significant proportion of their population occur in Scotland's seas, whether they are under threat or in decline and the functional role they play. Further information on the process to identify PMFs in territorial and offshore waters is available through reports published by Scottish Natural Heritage and the Joint Nature Conservation Committee external site .

The process and list were developed in consultation with a range of specialists, including through targeted external peer review during 2010  PDF document . It was also subject to public consultation during summer 2013. A table summarising the other designations and listings for each PMF is also available  PDF document .

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