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Where can I find SACs in Scotland?

There are 239 designated SACs in Scotland, including three that straddle the border with England. Together they cover an area of approximately 963 000 hectares, or about 3,717 square miles. Some of the smallest sites are just wee burns, but still vitally important for the rare and threatened freshwater pearl mussel. At the other end of the scale, over 150,000 hectares lies within the Moray Firth marine SAC, home to the bottlenose dolphin and extensive subtidal sandbanks. Almost as vast are the distinctive blanket bogs of Caithness and Sutherland, and the wild peatlands of the Isle of Lewis. The special species and habitats of our mountains, woodlands, coasts and freshwaters are also well represented in sites as diverse as the Cairngorms, the River Tweed and Sleibhtean agus Cladach Thiriodh (Tiree Machair).

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