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Coll and Tiree proposed SPA - consultation closed

The public consultation for the Coll and Tiree proposed Special Protection Area (pSPA) is now closed.

The adjacent islands of Coll and Tiree (in the Inner Hebrides)lie off the west coast of Scotland. In winter, the waters surrounding these islands are a stronghold for great northern divers and common eider. About 18%of the British great northern diver wintering population and over 2% of the British eider population regularly over winter here. This area supports the third largest concentration of great northern divers on the west coast of Scotland.

Great northern divers tend to feed on fish and crabs, whilst eiders feed almost exclusively on shellfish, particularly mussels. They both forage primarily by surface diving, so the rich and shallow waters around Coll and Tireeprovide excellent feeding habitats for these non-breeding birds.

Great northern divers are a winter visitor to our Scottish seas and common passage migrant. Common eider are present all year round with males forming moulting flocks as early as May.

Qualifying interests

Non-breeding: Common eider, great northern diver.

Our seas are rich with life and colour

Common Eider raft. Copyright RSPB.

Coll and Tiree pSPA boundary map

Detailed site maps can be found in the Site Selection Document  PDF document or by visiting the National Marine Plan Interactive external site webpage. Boundaries and supporting datasets for sites are also available for download from SNH's Natural Spaces external site webpage under 'Consultations'.

 Overview location map for Coll and Tiree Marine SPA.