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Protection of Badgers Act 1992


The offences

Badgers and their setts are comprehensively protected by the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 external site (as amended by the WANE Act 2011 external site ).

It is an offence to:

  • wilfully kill, injure, take or attempt to kill a badger;
  • possess a dead badger or any part of a dead badger;
  • cruelly ill-treat a badger;
  • use badger tongs in the course of killing, taking or attempting to kill a badger;
  • dig for a badger;
  • possess, sell or offer for sale any live badger;
  • mark, tag or ring a badger.

It is also a crime to interfere with a badger sett by intentionally or recklessly causing or allowing:

  • damage to a sett or any part of it;
  • destruction of it;
  • sett access to be obstructed, or any entrance of it;
  • a dog to enter it;
  • disturbance to a badger when it is occupying it.

A person attempting to commit an offence under the Act is guilty of that offence. 

Note:  A badger sett is defined in law as any structure or place which displays signs of current use by a badger.

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In common with other legislation, it is possible to carry out actions that would otherwise be illegal under a licence.

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