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The National Species Reintroduction Forum

This Forum is chaired by Scottish Natural Heritage and has a membership representing a range of stakeholders from land use, conservation and science sectors. The overall role of the Forum is to contribute to broad scale, strategic issues relating to species reintroductions and other types of conservation translocations in Scotland.

One of the first tasks of the Forum was to set up a working group which looked at the potential interactions between beavers and salmonid fish, and related issues. A final report was produced in January 2015 (see below).

The Forum has also produced the Scottish Code for Conservation Translocations  and accompanying 'Best Practice Guidelines for Conservation Translocations in Scotland'. These were launched by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Paul Wheelhouse MSP, in July 2014. They set out when conservation translocations may be appropriate and the types of situations in which they may benefit or cause problems to wildlife, people and the environment.

Membership and terms of reference

The terms of reference for the Forum can be viewed here, together with the membership list as of 13 May 2016.

Terms of reference  PDF document  

Membership  PDF document

Minutes of meetings

The approved minutes are provided here.

Meeting of 15 February 2012  PDF document

Meeting of 26 October 2012  PDF document

Meeting of 19 April 2013  PDF document

Meeting of 15 November 2013  PDF document

Meeting of 2 May 2014  PDF document

Meeting of 7 November 2014  PDF document

A subsequent meeting was held on 13 November 2015. The minutes of the meeting will be published once they have been approved by the Forum members.

Beaver Salmonid Working Group

The Beaver Salmonid Working Group was set up, through the Forum, specifically to look at the potential effects of beavers on Atlantic salmon and trout, and the management implications. The Group published its final report on 28 January 2015 and is provided below.

Please note that this report is an independent output of the Beaver Salmonid Working Group, and not the National Species Reintroduction Forum. An accompanying press release external site for the report is available. You can find out more about the Group, and related issues, on SNH's main beaver web pages.

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