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The Scottish Beaver Trial Monitoring Programme

We have produced a Monitoring Programme  PDF document for the trial which sets out why we need to monitor, how we will work with other organisations and what sort of work is being done.

Who's monitoring the trial?

We've listed below the monitoring projects we're leading on in collaboration with our Independent Monitoring Partners:

A number of other monitoring projects are being led by these independent organisations:

Reports on the monitoring of the Trial

We will publish the reports that come out of the monitoring process, and details of any other types of outputs (such as scientific papers). Here are the reports that we have published so far, in chronological order and with the most recent ones first:


2013 publications

2012 publications

2011 publications

2010 publications

Historic Scotland have also published a report:

  • Cavers, G. (2009).  PDF document Loch Coille-Bharr crannog condition survey. Report produced by AOC Archaeology Group on behalf of Historic Scotland.

Some earlier reports on work done at Knapdale

We also published some earlier reports on Knapdale when the possible release of beavers was first being considered. They weren't produced as part of this current Trial, but some of the information is still relevant:

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