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Biodiversity Action at local level

Biodiversity: the heart of your area

Local Biodiversity Action Plans and Partnerships operate at a local level to conserve and enhance biodiversity and deliver action for national priorities identified in the UK Biodiversity Action Plan (UKBAP), as well as for species and habitats which are particularly cherished or valued in local areas of Scotland.

In Scotland there are 25 Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAP). These cover all of our Local Authority areas plus there is one for each of our 2 National Parks.

What do LBAPs do?

The basic idea behind LBAPs is that everyone has a stake in their local environment and the quality of life it supports - from national government agencies to local community groups, from environmental organisations to local businesses, and from farmers to school children.

The LBAP process tries to bring all these view points together to agree, and then pursue a common goal, to stimulate action and raise awareness of biodiversity, its needs and threats to its wellbeing.

Some examples of the kind of work LBAPs do are:

Tayside Biodiversity Partnership is blazing a trail in communication with a broad cross-section of the local population and with practical involvement projects such as their ZOOM Bumblebee project; or the Small cow-wheat species recovery project which was developed in response to targets set nationally under the UKBAP for this plant. Read more about what Tayside LBAP do at external site and their Summit to Sand newsletter.

In Highland the Biodiversity Partnership covers a huge area and there are many different projects on the go. You can find out more about these through their website external site .  One example is the Caithness water vole monitoring project which is keeping an eye on a stronghold for the species where they are still free from predation by the non-native American Mink.

These are only a few examples of things that biodiversity partnerships do and there is a significant amount of action for biodiversity happening through all the other biodiversity partnerships in Scotland.

Where can I find out more?

Most Local Biodiversity Action Plans (LBAPs) can be found on the websites of the Local Authorities they relate to but they can also be found through the Scottish Biodiversity Forum and UKBAP websites.

The Scottish Biodiversity Forum magazine external site  comes out every 3 months and you can find interesting snippets and useful updates in it about what LBAPs are up to.

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