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Scotland's Geodiversity Charter

Minister for Environment launches Scotland's Geodiversity Charter - Wednesday 6 June 2012

On Wednesday 6 June, Stewart Stevenson, MSP, Minister for Environment and Climate Change, launched Scotland's Geodiversity Charter external site recognising the importance of Scotland's geodiversity to society.

Mr Stevenson said: "Geological diversity is often taken for granted but it is key to our environment and our quality of life - the importance of its sustainable management should not be underestimated. I welcome Scotland's Geodiversity Charter which not only encourages understanding and appreciation of our geodiversity but also promotes awareness and more integrated management of something so fundamental to all our lives."

Scotland's Geodiversity Charter has been drawn up by the Scottish Geodiversity Forum, with support from the Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage, the British Geological Survey and GeoConservationUK. It has already been signed by more than 27 organisations, pledging to ensure that the geodiversity is adequately considered and conserved, and continues to provide essential benefits for Scotland.

About the Charter

Scotland's geodiversity is world-class, forming the foundation of our ecosystems and delivering essential benefits and services for society. The Geodiversity Charter sets out why geodiversity is important, and presents a vision that geodiversity is recognised as an integral and vital part of our environment, economy, heritage and future sustainability to be safeguarded for existing and future generations in Scotland. The Charter includes recommended actions for different stakeholders and a range of case studies. It was prepared by a working group of the Scottish Geodiversity Forum external site , with observers and facilitation from the British Geological Survey external site , the Scottish Government and Scottish Natural Heritage.

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