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Local Geodiversity Action Plans (LGAPS)

Local Geodiversity Action Plans (LGAPs) provide a new route to achieving geoconservation.  Importantly they involve a wide range of groups, organisations and individuals in agreeing priorities and actions for geodiversity and can make more effective use of the limited resources available.

LGAPs are, in part, developed from the model of Biodiversity Action Plans.  LGAPs establish an on-going process that sets clear aims and objectives, with measurable targets, for local geoconservation.  LGAPs provide a framework for the conservation of geodiversity within the landscape.  Whilst each LGAP is tailored to suit the variation of local geology and will therefore differ in detail, LGAPs share a common approach and underpinning philosophy: the conservation and enhancement of geodiversity.

Typically, LGAP objectives include:

  • Geodiversity audit - this can include an audit of the geodiversity resource, audit of available information and audit of available skills within the partner organisations and the local community.
  • Communication and education - promoting an understanding and a wider awareness of geodiversity, encouraging participation in the action planning process and interpretation of the geological resource.
  • Influencing planning - encouraging the strategic development of protection for the geodiversity resource through local government plans and planning guidance.
  • Conservation and management - establishing clear goals for the management and conservation of geological sites, natural processes and the geodiversity of our landscape.
  • Resources - establishing clear objectives for the resourcing (money and people) of the action planning process in order to sustain its future momentum.

Many Local Geodiveristy Action Plans have been prepared and successfully adopted in England. The first LGAP to be produced in Scotland was the West Lothian Geodiversity Audit and LGAP external site , commissioned from the British Geological Survey (BGS) external site and produced in 2006. The Cairngorms National Park Plan Priorities for Action 2007-2012 includes preparation of a comprehensive Geodiversity Audit and Action Plan.  Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park lists a Geodiversity Action Plan as one of the 'more detailed plans and strategies' to be developed, where required, during implementation of their Park Plan 2007-2012. An LGAP was also included in the Edinburgh LBAP 2010-2015. external site  

Further reading on Local Geodiversity Action Plans

Information on Local Geodiversity Action Plans has been produced by Natural England (and its predecessor body English Nature) and can be accessed through the 'Geology' section of the online Natural England publications catalogue external site .

Titles on Local Geodiversity Action Plans(LGAPs) include:

R560 - Local Geodiversity Action Plans - Setting the context for geological conservation

IN164 - Local Geodiversity Action Plans - sharing good practice

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