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Local geodiversity sites (LGS)

The conservation and enhancement of Scotland's geodiversity is not entirely undertaken through statute and the work of SNH. Besides the statutory protection of SSSIs, Local Nature Conservation Site (LNCS) status helps to conserve other important localities. These sites provide examples of geology and geomorphology of regional and local importance, where the geodiversity resource can be conserved, so that people can enjoy and find out more about it. These sites can contribute to the quality of local environments and provide opportunities for recreation and informal education.

Local geodiversity sites are selected by voluntary geoconservation bodies such as local Geodiversity groups and Regionally Important Geological / Geomorphological Sites (RIGS) groups.  Geology and other natural history enthusiasts, wildlife trusts, museums, geological societies, teachers, planners and site owner, participate in the running of RIGS groups.  More information on RIGS external site .

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