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Responsible fieldworking

Scotland's rich geodiversity has been the subject of study for over two centuries. Geological research in Scotland is essential for understanding the development of the Earth's crust, realizing and exploiting mineral resources, exploring the linkages with biodiversity, developing new technologies, and advancing knowledge of the evolution of life on Earth.

The continuation of active geoscience research in Scotland is therefore both necessary and desirable. To ensure that the geodiversity resource is maintained for future generations, and continues to be available for research and other important uses such as education and tourism, it is important that the geodiversity resource is used wisely and responsibly and neither destroyed nor defaced during fieldwork.

To remind geoscientists of their responsibilities when undertaking fieldwork, Scottish Natural Heritage has produced a series of posters that promote key messages that should be adhered to (links to these are below). Geoscientists are asked:

Going onto somebody's land? Consult the Scottish Access Code and be aware that some locations such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and National Nature Reserves (NNRs) are protected by law.

Sampling or collecting rock, mineral and fossil specimens? You are acting within the law if you obtain permission from the landowner. Be aware that here may be restrictions on access, sampling and collecting at some NNRs and SSSIs.

Using equipment such as a hammer or core drill? Exercise restraint in equipment use and the amount of the resource sampled and collected. Locate sampling points as discreetly as possible and take care not to damage or deface geological features that may be of interest to others. View and download The Scottish Outdoor Access Code external site , the Scottish Core Code and the Scottish Fossil Code.

 "Responsible fieldworking" posters are available to download:

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