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Native deer (red deer and roe deer)

What action is going on for these species?

Scotland's Wild Deer: A National Approach provides a framework for the sustainable management of all wild deer in Scotland. The Approach is supported by a series of Action Plans, which double as the Action Plan for native deer under the Species Action Framework.

See the dedicated page on Scotland's wild deer : National Approach for details of the current actions and progress to date.

Why are native deer on the Species Action List?

They satisfy criterion 4 of the Species Action Framework, as species for sustainable use.

Deer are a valued part of Scotland's natural heritage.  They are common throughout nearly all of Scotland.  While the management of deer as a sporting resource can bring them into conflict with native habitats and species, the sustainable management of deer can produce a wide range of economic, social and environmental benefits.

Their categorization as species for sustainable use recognizes the economic benefits associated with species management, but also recognizes that this management determines what wider impact deer have on ecosystem structure and diversity.

Red and roe deer are included on the Scottish Biodiversity List having been identified as species most important to the Scottish public.

Deer ecology

More information on wild deer species and their ecology can be found under Scotland's deer and in the related links.

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