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Bird licensing - conserving wild birds

Licences to control predatory bird species

Licences are available to control one species of wild bird for the purpose of conserving other species.

general licence is available to permit control of certain common species for the purpose of conserving wild birds in specific circumstances.

Individual licences can also be issued by Scottish Natural Heritage to control other species.  In order to be able to issue a licence Scottish Natural Heritage need to be satisfied that a cause and effect link exists between predation and significant declines in the population or distribution of the prey species and that there is no satisfactory alternative to lethal control.

Detailed guidance on how to apply for a licence  PDF document

Licence application form to control predatory species for conserving wild birds  Word document

Information notes:

Licence returns

It is a condition of each licence that a return is submitted. Please refer to your licence for the relevant return information required and send to clearly stating your name and licence number in the subject.

Renewals and amendments

If you hold a licence which you wish to renew or you wish to amend your licence you can:

  • telephone 01463 725364 (please make sure you have your licence number to hand); or
  • email putting your licence number in the subject.

For further information and advice please contact or telephone 01463 725364.