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Licensing statistics

Please note that due to staff shortages in the licensing team, applications may take longer than usual to process.

The information below is updated monthly and provides useful information on current turnaround times for licences; that is, the time taken from a licence application being received to it being issued.  Further information on demand (number of licence applications received) for licences can also be seen and is useful as an indicator for times of the year when licences may take longer to be assessed.

Getting your licence quickly

We operate on a 'first come first served' basis and whilst we try to deal with urgent cases as quickly as possible it is often not possible to give one case priority over others.  Some basic tips on how to maximise the chance of your licence being issued on time are:

Apply in advance - For serious damage licences such as goose and raven apply well in advance of when you expect the damage to occur rather than waiting for the problem to arise.  For other species such as bats and badgers you can apply for a licence as soon as you have completed necessary surveys even if this is well in advance of the proposed start date of works.

Provide the right information - By using the most up to date licence applications and filling them in fully you can make sure you are providing us with all the information necessary to issue a licence.  Look out for checklists at the bottom of licence application forms that can remind you of other supporting material that may be needed.

Tell us when you need the licence - Remember to fill in the dates by which you need your licence.

Current statistics

Licence applications received in the year: 1992 licence applications

Licences issued in the last year: 2108 licences

Average turnaround time for all applications in the year: 8.99 days

Average turnaround time for all applications in the last three months: 7.26 days

Licence applications received in the last month: 258 licence applications

Licences issued in the last month: 287 licences


Average turnaround time by licence type in the last month;

All: 8.19 days

Bird health & safety and air safety: 27.1 days

Goose: 5.3 days

Raven: 4.4 days

Other preventing serious damage (all species): 4.7 days

Works affecting bats: 12.7 days

Works affecting other Eps species: 8.8 days

Works affecting non-Eps species: 7 days

Surveys: 6.6 days


Licence demand

The statistics shown above give an indication of current turnaround times only.  From analysing demand for licences in previous years we know that there are certain points in the year where we expect to see increases in licence demand.  This often has a knock on effect of increasing turnaround times.  Graphs showing licence demand and turnaround times throughout the year and can be seen below.

Licensing statistics - Average turnaround times

Licensing statistics - Average turnaround times - August 2016.


Licensing statistics - Average demand

Licensing statistics - Average demand - August 2016.